Impolite Cookies

Honey, if you want to get lean you should not eat that many cookies, it's not good for your health. Now imagine that your personal computer is your own body. Hi i am a client i am here on your...

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Worldwide Shipment

Sporting goods manufacturers finally respond to the customers needs. Direct delivery from factory to client. We see it happening everywhere, the customer no longer wants to pay the extra costs...

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Forgotten Tourist Information...

No clue what it say. This Is not the way to inform visitors, leads to confusion   Chief Experience OfficerHenk Post   

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Tourist or Traveler

The word tourist is used less and less, traveler is the new word to use. No one want to be a tourist, but eveybody want to be a traveler, but a traveler does not want to be a tourist. DO YOU...

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Coffee is more than just...

Tourism Experience Coffee There are thousands of articles written about "How to drink coffee like a spaniard" or about "The spanish coffee culture" etc. What strikes us the most is that all those...

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Tourism Experience

Tourism Experience User experience and customer experience appied to the tourism industry  

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