Impolite Cookies

Impolite Cookies

Honey, if you want to get lean you should not eat that many cookies, it's not good for your health. Now imagine that your personal computer is your own body.

Hi i am a client i am here on your website to inform myself and maybe to purchase a product. Before introducing, a cookie is installed, instead of a warm welcome. It's impolite, and that's not how you want to be seen as a company.

First Introducing Yourself Before You Offer Cookies

Visitors don't just click anymore “I accept” botton. They read, investigate and do not want to be fooled, before they become a customer. They only accept cookies from secured websites they trust, because some cookies leave a bad taste 

Make The Deal, Serve Homemade Cookies

If you respect a customer, you should not, at the first digital contact, break into a customer's (strange) computer to install a cookie, before you have met her or him, before you even introduced yourself with a sincere welcome via WhatsApp, email, telephone or in person.
Then, after, one can agree with each other to make the digital communication run smoothly, using (personalized) cookies better … the start of a true long relationship.

Do you want a cookie?

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